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Replacement Windows and Doors in Pottsville, PA

Enhance Curb Appeal with Home Improvement Services

Charles Weiss Contracting Replaces Windows and Doors

Charles Weiss Contracting offers replacement windows and doors in Pottsville, PA, and the surrounding areas. Whether you are selling your home, or just going through home remodeling, consider updating windows and doors. This is a great way to enhance energy efficiency, upgrade the curb appeal, and make your home safer. Call Charles Weiss Contracting today at (570) 617-2649 or contact us online for a free estimate. Our general contractor can safely and properly install windows, doors, and complete other home improvement services.

Signs It Is Time to Replace Windows in Pottsville, PA

Do you know the signs that it is time to replace windows? Homeowners in Pottsville, PA, know that the weather can be extreme. This means that windows that are not efficient can actually hurt your home. Your HVAC system can run harder, and old windows may compromise security. A few signs that it is time to replace windows can include:

Feeling a draft

Cracks in windows

Condensation in windows


Broken casements

Peeling wood

Warped vinyl casements


Increased energy bills

New Entry Doors Can Enhance Curb Appeal in the Ashland, PA, Area

Along with replacement windows, Charles Weiss Contracting can install new doors in the Ashland, PA, area. We can install all types of doors, including wood, vinyl, steel, and aluminum. New entry doors can also help efficiency and safety for your home. A new door can help with curb appeal and draw in potential buyers. Whether you want a standard wood door, or a brightly colored vinyl option, our general contractor can install it. Reach out today in Ashland, Minersville, Gordon, or the surrounding areas for replacement door service.

Contact Charles Weiss Contracting for Quality Home Improvement

When is the last time you updated your home in the Pottsville area? Charles Weiss Contracting offers fantastic home improvement services at competitive rates. From window and door replacement to kitchen remodeling, we can do it all. Reach out today for an estimate or to discuss your home improvement ideas. Browse our photo gallery to see past projects.

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